Purple Party Mix


Makes 10 cups


Get the party mix ready, because this is sure to add some extra fun to any birthday. Perfect for a unicorn party, mermaid party, or really any theme you can dream up!


Nonstick cooking spray

4 cups crisp rice cereal squares

2 cups toasted oat cereal

2 cups pretzel sticks

1 cup salted cocktail peanuts

1 cup colorful candy-coated chocolate pieces

1 cup PILLSBURY FUNFETTI Bold Purple Vanilla Flavored Frosting

1/3 cup white baking chips


1.Coat 2 (15” x 10”) baking sheets with no-stick cooking spray. Combine rice cereal, toasted oat cereal, pretzels, peanuts, and candy-coated chocolate pieces in a large bowl.

2.Place frosting and white baking chips in medium microwave-safe bowl and microwave on HIGH for 30 seconds. Stir until smooth. Pour over cereal mixture. Stir to coat evenly.

3.Spread evenly onto prepared baking sheets. Sprinkle immediately with the FUNFETTI candy bits. Cool 1 hour or until frosting mixture is set. Break apart. Store in airtight container.


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