New Year’s Headbands



Ring in the New Year in sparkly-styled headbands!


Aleene’s The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive

Plastic headbands

Glitter cardstock

Feather boa



2021 cutouts (variety of options at craft store)

Letters to spell out “Happy New Year” or other desired phrases





1.To create the cone portion of your headband, draw a circle in your desired size on the backside of the glitter cardstock.

2.Cut out the circle and fold in half.

3.Cut out a quarter section from your circle as shown.

4.Wrap your remaining three-quarter circle into a cone shape, overlapping the cut edges. Glue in place and hold with a clothespin while drying.

5.Add some glue to a pompom and press onto the top of the cone. Let dry.

6.Glue lettering onto cone. Cut a section of feather boa to fit around bottom of cone and glue in place.

7.For other headbands, cut sections of tinsel or boa and glue along the top edge of headbands. Hold in place with clothespins until dry. Glue 2021, or other fun wording to headbands, and you’re ready to ring in the New Year in sparkly style!


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