New Year’s Party Hat



Get the party started with this shimmery New Year’s Eve hats! Super easy to make and so fun to wear!


Black Cardstock

Party Hat Template (CLICK HERE)

Garland Tassel Strand

Black Ruffled Chiffon Ribbon

Thin elastic or twine

Multi-Surface Metal Acrylic Craft Paint

Foam Pouncers

Straight Scissors

Low Temp Glue Gun

Glue Sticks



Paper Plate

Clear Tape



1.Print out party hat template. Assemble the party hat and add clear tape on the inside to reinforce the tab insertion.

2.Use a pounder to paint dots on the outside of the party hat and let dry.

TIP: To do this, pour a little paint out onto a paper plate. Dip your foam pouncer in the paint and then dab some of the paint off in a clean spot of the paper plate to even out the paint on the foam. Push the foam pouncer onto the cardstock, twist, and pull straight up away from the cardstock.

3.Open the garland tassel strand and untie a tassel from the string.

4.Push the top of the tassel onto the top of the hat and fluff the tassel so that it looks full, or drapes over the top.

5.Hot glue ribbon around the outside of the hat rim.

6.Cut a piece of thin elastic or twine for the hat strings, and use clear tape to attach them inside the hat.


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