Breakfast Banana Split

From organizing schedules to driving the kids to hockey practice to getting dinner on the table…moms are the superheroes of many families! So this Mother’s Day, show mom how much you care with these fun stay-at-home activities she will surely love.


Who says candles set the stage only at dinnertime. Make it a fancy affair for breakfast or brunch with a beautifully set table, adorned with candles and fresh flowers. Use your best china or dishes, and make a point to dress up for the occasion. Let mom know it is a formal attire and surprise her with some favorite breakfast dishes…or opt for a delicious omelet with spinach and mushrooms, muffins, and orange juice. Put on some light jazz music and don’t forget to toast mom for the wonderful person she is every day.


Grab some paper, stickers, markers…and you’re on your way to a fun scavenger hunt for mom on her special day. Pick five places in your home (or backyard), to hide clues on this Mother’s Day jaunt. Make the clue “spots” meaningful to mom and your family. For example, one clue might be inside a family photo album, inside a tooth fairy box where a little one wrote their first tooth fairy letter, or behind your child’s first trophy at a dance competition. Create fun clues or creative poems to start the hunt and direct mom to each additional spot, ending with a special gift-wrapped basket with her Mother’s Day gift tucked inside.


Yes…we mean a fort with chairs, a blanket (or two or three!), and the works! Make the fort big enough for the entire family to relax in and spend a cozy morning with board games, jigsaw puzzles, and a fun-filled breakfast. Our suggestion: breakfast banana splits. It’s easy, playful, and the kids can help make them. Just click below for the recipe and get set for a casual morning of festivities!