Holiday Saying Ornaments Filled with Greenery



Using a CRICUT machine, you’ll be able to create these fun ornaments with your favorite inspirational, holiday, and motivational sayings. Make it an annual tradition to have each family member pick their favorite saying and add the ornaments to your tree collection.


1 box of clear glass ornaments

1 roll of white adhesive CRICUT vinyl

CRICUT machine

Assorted small artificial greenery

1 ball of thin natural twine


X-Acto knife

Wire cutters (optional)



1.Fill the ornaments with small pieces of greenery. It looks best if the leaf size is not too big. Make the pieces smaller by cutting into smaller sections.

2.Create phrases on the CRICUT machine. Keep the font and size of the phrase small enough to fit onto the front of the ornament. You will have to work with the curve of the ornament.

3.Use the tacky transfer tape to apply the letters to the front of the glass ornament.

4.Cut an 8″ piece of twine with your scissors. Thread it through the loop on the ornament and tie it off in a single knot.


TIP: As you apply the phrase on the front of the ornament, you might have to adjust the letters so they appear straight on the curve.


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