Flannel Dog Bandana



With a little stitching a a regular dog collar, you can whip up this bandanna for your dog to wear to all of their special occasions and events.


Fat Quarter (18″x 21″) each – dog print flannel

1 package Contrast extra-wide double-fold bias tape

1″ dog collar

Basic sewing supplies.




FOR A LARGE DOG – cut fat quarter to 18″xx 18″ square.

FOR SMALLER DOG – measure around neck and cut a square for that size.

1.For all sizes, with wrong sides together, fold square in half diagonally to form triangle. Press.

2.Open up triangle and lay flat.

3.Fold the two points at each end of fold in 1 1/4″ and press (this will allow for a 1″ collar. If wider collar, fold these points in to fit the added size).

4.Top stitch 1/4″ in from this fold. Trim points.

5.Refold back to triangle and press.

6.Top stitch 1 1/4″ from top fold to form casing for collar.

7.Baste the cut edges of triangle close to edge.

8.Press the bias tape to smooth out any creases from packaging.

9.Fold under one short side of tape and pin to bandanna just under stitching for casing.

10.Stitch bias tape around bandanna to opposite side and stop just under casing stitching.

11.Fold under end and stitch in place.

12.Insert dog collar.


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