Dog Leash



Time for a walk…just grab this DIY leash and your dog is ready for a stroll around the neighborhood.


2 yards 1″ nylon webbing

2 yards 1/2″ or 3/4″ decorative trim

D-ring or swivel hook

Clear drying glue (optional)

Basic sewing supplies

Sewing machine


1.Cut 2″ from webbing.

2.Sew, or glue, trim to top of nylon webbing overlapping 1″ on each end.

3.Fold down 6″ for handle. Stitch around end in box shape. Then sew an “X” inside box. Stitch around again to secure handle.

4.On other side, slip nylon webbing into D-ring or swivel hook. Fold under webbing, 2″ sew, same as for handle. Secure by stitching around end another time.


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