Dog Collar with Trim



Make one collar, or multiple ones in different fabrics, so your dog can have a variety of styles to match each month or special occasion.


1/4 yard fabric

Parachute buckle

Adjustable strap buckle

1″ D ring

1 yard webbing for strap


Matching thread

Basic sewing supplies



1.Measure neck of dog. Add 7″ to this number and cut strap to this length.

2.Cut fabric 2″ x Width Of Fabric (or a little greater in size)

3.Fold and press long edges of fabric into center of strip ending with a 1″ wide strip.

4.Pin fabric to top side of strap.

5.Stitch fabric to top of strap, cutting length to fit strap.

6.On one end of strap, insert D-ring, and on section of parachute buckle.

7.Fold strap 2″ to back and stitch across. Put D-ring against stitching and stitch on opposite side of ring to secure.

8.Stitch close to buckle end.

9.On opposite side of strap, insert adjustable strap buckle and parachute buckle.

10.Thread end of strap through back of adjustable strap 1″ and sew end, forming a loop.

11.Adjust size of finished collar to fit around neck of pet.


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