Cookie Cone Party Hats


Makes 12 hats


This is one party hat that’s meant for eating, not wearing! Festive and fun for all celebrations!


12 squares or 1/2 package NESTLE TOLL HOUSE Refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar Dough

1 1/4 cups (7.5 ounces) NESTLE TOLL HOUSE Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels

12 sugar cones
Assorted nonpareils, sprinkles and/or candies for decorating



1.Prepare 12 cookies according to package directions; cool completely. Line baking sheet with wax or parchment paper.

2.Microwave morsels in medium, uncovered, microwave-safe bowl on HIGH power for 45 seconds; stir. If needed, microwave at additional 15-second intervals, stirring vigorously after each interval until morsels are melted. Let cool slightly.

3.Place cookies on prepared baking sheet. Holding a cone, dip tip of cone first, then the top inch into melted chocolate. Shake off excess chocolate, then place cone on top of a cookie. Before the chocolate has set, decorate with nonpareils, sprinkles, and/or candies, as desired. Repeat with remaining cones. Refrigerate for 20 minutes until chocolate is set.


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