Birthday Cake in a Jar



Let party-goers take home a piece of birthday cake to enjoy later, when you gift them their own Birthday Cake in a Jar. Super cute and a great way to say THANKS!


Cupcake mix and necessary ingredients

Basic baking supplies

Tinted icing: yellow, orange

2 piping bags

12oz BALL quilted jelly jar


Silver marker

Washi tape

Bakers twine



Double-sided tape





1.Make cupcakes according to directions; let cool completely.

2.Place each color of icing in separate piping bags

3.Place an un-iced cupcake in the jar. Pipe a layer of yellow icing on top of the cupcake.

4.Place a second cupcake in the jar on top of the yellow icing. Press the cupcake down. Pipe a layer of orange icing on top of the second cupcake.

5.Apply washi tape around jar lid ring.

6.Place the bottom lid on a piece of cardstock and trace the outside. Cut out the circle. Apply double-sided tape to the top of the lid. Lay cardstock circle on top of the lid.

7.Place the bottom lid on the jar. Place the jar lid ring on the jar and tighten.

8.Write a sentiment on the tag. Wrap baker’s twine around the jar, attaching the tag and spoon. Tie a bow.


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